Trash & Recycling


The City of Hallsville contracts with an outside waste management company for solid waste collection and recycling. 

Dayne's Waste Disposal Inc. is the approved residential waste collector for the City of Hallsville. Trash pickup is Wednesday.  Please check the City of Hallsville's website or Facebook page for changes to trash pick-up days because of holidays or weather.

Trash should be at the curb the evening before.  Trash rates are $15.05 a month.   

Bulky trash pick-up is the third Wednesday of each month.
Bulky items include:

Furniture/beds, microwaves, or other sizable waste materials

Items not picked up:

Appliances:  Refrigerators, ice makers, freezers, window air conditioners, stoves, washing machines, water tanks

Construction debris; Dead animals; Hazardous waste; Stable matter with great weights or volumes

Unacceptable Waste

Any type of special wastes without analysis and approval (asbestos, etc.); Any types of pesticides, poisons, cleaners, or flammable liquids

Car and truck tires; Explosives; Hazardous wastes / PCB wastes; Infectious wastes; Lead acid car batteries; Medical wastes

Paints (oil based, enamel based, or lead based) latex or water-based paints are accepted if containers are opened and dried solid

Raw sewage; Waste oils (motor, hydraulic, etc.); Yard wastes (tree limbs, leaves, grass clippings, brush, etc.)


Recycling is every Friday.  Recycling is to be set to the curb Thursday night.  Recyclable items may be mixed together.  Recycling bags can be obtained at City Hall at no cost.  No totes/trash cans should be used, only set the clear bags to the curb. 

*PLEASE NOTE:  NO glass, NO paper, cardboard, or other fiber material in recycling bags. 

Items Accepted

Clean aluminum cans, tin cans, and plastic.

Item Definitions

Cans: All aluminum & tin food and beverage cans. Please empty and rinse. NO PAINT CANS.

Plastic Bottles: Clear and colored bottles. NO PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS, NO PESTICIDE OR CHEMICAL CONTAINERS. Please empty and rinse.

There is a recycling bin located at the Community Center, 324 E. Hwy OO, that you can take glass, newspapers, office waste, paper & magazines, and cardboard.  Cardboard: Remove all contents. Please flatten.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are the garbage collection days for my street?

Garbage collection is Wednesday for the City of Hallsville. Remember, Christmas Day is the only holiday that will alter the normal routine.