Park Facilities

Tribble Park

Tribble Park is located on Highway OO.  The six-acre City of Hallsville Park was the result of a community-wide effort.  The park was first founded in 1974.  The Hallsville Jaycees were the original holders of the park land before the City became owners through matching funds from the State Interagency Council on Outdoor Recreation.

Shelter Reservations

The Durk family donated and built the first shelter house.  The Jaycees constructed another shelter house late in the summer of 1975.  Reservations for the use of park shelter houses must be made through City Hall at a cost of $10.00.  Persons or associations using the shelter houses are responsible for all cleanup and any property damage.

Use of Narcotics, Controlled Substances and Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited

By City Ordinance, possession or use of narcotics, controlled substances and/or alcoholic beverages is prohibited on park property.

Park Hours

The park is open for public use during the period from sunrise to sunset unless otherwise posted.  The park opens in March and closes October 1st each year.