An ordinance is a law passed by your City of Hallsville Board of Aldermen.  Ordinances for the City of Hallsville may be found below.  

If you have any questions regarding a particular ordinance, please call City Hall and we will be happy to help you.

The Municipal Code of the City of Hallsville

  • The City of Hallsville requires that all cats and dogs over 6 month of age be City licensed. Proof of rabies shots is required. The annual fee is $5 each and $3 if animal is spayed or neutered. Animal tags are due each August.  The city requires all dogs to be on a leash or under voice command if off of the owner’s property. Cats are allowed to roam free as long as they are City licensed. The Police Department operates a kennel for stay dogs but the city does not pick up cats although private citizens may take cats to the Humane Society if they are not licensed. The maximum number of pets allowed are 4 dogs or 4 cats. To report a lost or found animal, call the Police Department at 696-3838 or the Humane Society at 443-3893.
  • The city requires all grass and weeds to be no greater than 7″.
  • Businesses inside the city limits are required to have a City Business License before operating a business.  Business licenses are due every year in July.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I burn leaves inside the city limits?

Please see ordinances 210.890 and 210.900 on reckless burning.  Do not burn leaves if there is an open fire ban due to dry and excessively hot weather.     

May I drive a recreational vehicle within the city limits of Hallsville?

You can't drive an all-terrain vehicle within the city limits of Hallsville unless it is operated for agricultural purposes.  Check out the new ordinnaces on utility vehicles, golf carts, and recreational off-highway vehicles at https://ecode360.com/HA3555/laws/LF1170083.pdf