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Statement from the City of Hallsville

On Thursday (11/17/22) at 3:31 PM, Mayor Carter and the Board of Aldermen received an email from City Administrator Kenyetta Ridgway-Sample regarding the property at 101 N Hwy 124, known by many as “The Old Bank Building”. 

Friday (11/18/22) morning, Mayor Carter called an emergency meeting for Friday at 6:00 PM if a quorum could be established. Once a quorum was verified, the meeting was called. The property owner was notified at approximately 11:40 AM. 

The email referenced above, was forwarded from Boone County Fire District Asst. Chief Gale Blomenkamp, Blomenkamp is quoted in the email saying, “This structure needs to be removed as soon as possible and until demolition is completed, all access within the collapse zone should be restricted immediately”. Based on the information provided by a structural engineer’s report of the building. 

Allstate Consultants was the firm hired by Boone County Fire District to complete the inspection of the building.  Allstate Consultants, Boone County Fire, Boone County Building Inspector, City of Hallsville, and Hallsville Historical Society were present for the October 19th evaluation. Asst Chief Blomenkamp initially spoke with the owner of the building on 12/21/2021 to schedule an evaluation, after many more attempts the October 19th evaluation date was set. The landowner did not have a representative present during the evaluation. 

Once the evaluation and opinions of Allstate Consultants and Boone County Fire District were shared with the City of Hallsville, it was deemed necessary to have an emergency meeting based on the threat to public health and safety. The engineers report is available for viewing here.

During the emergency Board of Aldermen meeting on Friday evening, the Board affirmed the Building Commissioner’s decision to deem the property a dangerous building and an emergency under Section 505.110.

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