Wastewater (Sewer) Rates & Policies

Wastewater Rates & Polices

Each consumer of the City's sanitary system, who is not a customer of the City's water distribution system, shall deposit the sum of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) with the City as a security deposit for the payment of City utilities and services used and billed along with twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for administrative fees. Upon any consumer discontinuing the use of the City's sanitary sewer system and services, and any bill for use of any City billed service is paid in full, including the penalties; the deposit shall be refunded to said person, without interest. In addition, this deposit may be returned after two (2) years if the consumer is in good credit standing; having paid the monthly bill for services by the 10th of each month. For prior and current consumers that remained in good credit standing with the City of Hallsville as described above, the deposit shall be waived.

All fees presented to customers of the City water and/or sewer service shall be due and payable at City Hall. All monthly billing shall be due and payable by the 10th day of the month for each month of the calendar year for the previous month's usage as billed. If any bill for water and/or sewer service shall remain due and unpaid after the due date an additional charge of five percent (5%) will be added to the bill. All bills not paid before the 21st day of the billing month shall be declared delinquent, a non-payment fee of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) shall be assessed to the account and the service to the delinquent account shall be discontinued and shall not be resumed until all past due fees, interest and non-payment fees are paid in full by occupant and/or user of the premises. Any financial agreements on delinquent accounts for extraordinary hardships shall be made for no longer than three (3) months with the approval of the Mayor and/or City Administrator. "Extraordinary hardships" shall mean a water leak, hospitalization, medical reasons or death. Any arrangements for longer terms must be approved by the Board of Aldermen.
Notwithstanding the above, not more than once in a calendar year, the non-payment fee shall be waived on any bill for water and/or sewer service which has become delinquent.

Each user shall pay for the services provided by the City based on his/her use of the treatment works as determined by water meter(s) acceptable to the City.
For residential and small (less than 15,000 gallons per month) commercial, public authority and industrial customers, monthly user charges will be based on average monthly water usage during the months of January, February, and March or three (3) winter months whose total usage volume is measured. If a customer has not established a January, February and March usage, his/her monthly user charge shall be the median charge for all other residential customers. For large (over 15,000 gallons per month) or fluctuating industrial, public authority and commercial customers, user charges shall be based on water used during the current month. If a customer has a consumptive use of water, or in some other manner uses water which is not returned to the wastewater collection system, the user charge for that contributor may be based on a wastewater meter(s) or separate water meter(s) installed and maintained at the customer's expense and in a manner acceptable to the City.
The minimum sewer charge per billing period shall be nineteen dollars and thirty-five cents ($19.35) for the first 1,000 gallons of water used, or any part thereof. In addition, each customer shall pay a user charge fee for system operation and maintenance, of five dollars ($5.00) per one thousand (1,000) gallons of water used as determined in the preceding Section.